By Asritha Vissapragda  on: 26 December 2015
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Wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2016. This is the best time of the year to set your priorities. I thought of sharing my strategy while setting priorities. On this regard would like to share my personal story. Last year I am a bit late to set my goals. My thoughts are just wandering how to set my goals. So I started thinking about what can i do to the people around me, how can I be perfect towards others and about my business and everything about others . Then suddenly a thought arouse what is that more required to keep all these things in balance...It is "ME". "I Am"..." I should be strong and healthy enough both physically and spiritually to sustain my balance and share some energy to my beloved ones and my business." This one beautiful thought gave me many positive ideas. So I started with best possible small steps to improve my lifestyle and I am sure to maintain consistency. A healthy change should always be measured by how consitent you are with the change, then you see positive results. I saw the change and I wish all my audience should also experience this!!! So start journaling on what "you" as a person require and see the beautiful "I" or "ME" . Take some selftime to analyse your health. 



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14 November 2015
You might be wondering how one can save money by eating healthy!!! A good lifestyle promotes health. If you are healthy you can cut down your medical expenses.  I want my audiences to envision the growing health care burden, what we can do to decrease the burden. I am presenting this article with few statistics to get a good picture of what it means to eat nutritious whole food. This is a small attempt to make people think about the big picture behind poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet.  There is an enormous increase in health care cost. Statistics from NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) shows  that, there is 6.6 % to 6.9%increase in health care expenditure in rural INDIA and 5.2% to 5.5% increase in health expenditure in urban INDIA from 2004-2005 to 2011-2012. This means both rural and urban populations are equally spending money for attaining good health. People are requiring more hospitals apart from allotted government hospitals due to increase in waiting time and lack of facilities. Why are people getting frequently sick and visiting hospitals? This is because lack of proper hygiene and lack of health awareness among public.  Below study by NSSO, explains us the increase in average hospitalization costs in both urban and rural INDIA (By NSSO first half of 2014).   Health expenditure is increasing; it is being unaffordable for public to get proper medical care. There is definitely a need to improve the infrastructure of government hospitals and make it affordable to general public. But it is equally important to increase health awareness programs to public and educate them to maintain good health conditions. Studies indicate that , in a low income family with a person with diabetes spends 25% of family income on diabetes Medicare. NSSO survey showed that Number of deaths due to chronic diseases is more when compared to communicable diseases.  There is a need to serious call for action to educate the public about chronic diseases and how to prevent them.  Chronic diseases like Coronary Artery Disease(CAD), Ischemic stroke, Some specific cancers, diabetes, hypothyroid, obesity,  are all preventable.1.The following table indictes that lhealthy lifestyle changes and healthy diet help to prevent chornic diseases. Dietary and lifestyle factors CVD Type 2 diabetes Cancer Dental disease Fracture Cataract Birth defects Obesity Metabolic syndrome Depression Sexual dysfunction Avoid smoking ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓   ↑     ↓ Pursue physical activity ↓ ↓ ↓   ↓     ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Avoid overweight ↓ ↓ ↓   ↑ ↓     ↓   ↓ Diet Consume healthy types of fatsa ↓ ↓             ↓     Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ↓   ↓   ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓       Replace refined grains with whole grains ↓ ↓           ↓ ↓     Limit sugar intakeb ↓ ↓   ↓       ↓ ↓     Limit excessive calories               ↓ ↓     Limit sodium intake ↓                     So promote eating whole grains and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, encourage physical activity to stay fit, avoid eating high sugary, fatty, and junk food.  A small change towards healthy eating and lifestyle will bring a big change in your medical bills.  Spend wise when it comes to health.   References: 1.Walter C. Willett, Jeffrey P. Koplan, Rachel Nugent, Courtenay Dusenbury, Pekka Puska, and Thomas A. Gaziano; Prevention of Chronic Disease by Means of Diet and Lifestyle Change;Chapter 44,  Disease control Priorities in Developing countries;  
Summer Special Tips for weight loss
04 May 2016
Vacation, Ice creams, Family gatherings, Fun time, Cool drinks, Squashes, Mangoes and the list goes on... These are the things that come to my mind when I think of summer. Summer is the best time to indulge in some healthy eating and loose those extra pounds you banked in winter. Sounds Interesting!!! Here are few weight loss tips for this summer: Sweat more:  During summer we do sweat more as a natural phenomenon to cool body temperature. Now use this to increase your metabolism when you invest some calories on more cardio work out your body temperature spikes and your metabolism rises as you burn more calories to cool your body. Eat watery fruits and vegetables: Adding   fresh fruit and raw watery vegetables like cucumbers, bottle guards, raw mangoes to your daily diet is best possible way to lose weight. These vegetables provide good amount of soluble fibre and vitamin C (Elixir to weight loss). These vegetables also have refreshing feel after consuming. They fill your stomach fast but you feel like feathery after consuming them. Take out some family time: Summer is vacation time in INDIA. Kids have holidays and take some time off from your regular routine work and indulge in adventure trips or relaxing vacation where you get some time to enjoy with family or friends. Stress busting should be the agenda of your trip. Stress plays a major role in obesity. So summer is the best time to bring down your stress levels. Have fun being creative in Kitchen with kids: Summer is the time where we rush of some ice creams, and soft drinks. Instead try healthy alternatives like fruit popsicles and fruit and vegetable squashes.  Be creative and design a recipe and experiment this along with kids. This way you can educate your kids on healthy eating and self cooking. This will have a major impact on their future eating habits.  Research shows that overweight kids are going to be obese adults and end up in chronic ailments. So take some good parenting time this summer. Stay cool stay hydrated: keep yourself cool with comfortable cotton outfits. Hydrate well with water (not refrigerated but pot water), coconut water, or vegetable juices, 50 % of your meals should be filled with raw vegetables. Snack on fruits, do not expose to heat waves in the afternoon. Stay fit and lose weight this summer!!! Happy Vacation J
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I am Asritha.V. I am a Consulting Nutritionist. I did my masters in Applied Nutrition from U.S.A. I am a certified food and spirit practitioner. Worked for few months in Identity fitness studio.Guest speaker for Mahendra Retails Mom and Me stores in Hyderabad,  Delhi Public School Nacharam. Conducted 3 worksops for nutritional awareness, detox, nutragenomics respectively. I am an Independent nutrition consultant. I have my own clinic "Truly Nutrition" at street no#8 Hubsiguda, Hyderabad. I worked with  200  people to solve health problems by designing diet charts with chakra foods. I believe in nourishing whole self, so I also include mind,body,food way of treatment. Personal training on visualization techniques for whole body detox, stress, obesity are also available at my clinic.
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