How to control foods cravings

How to control foods cravings

By Asritha Vissapragda  on: 29 October 2015
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I often come across a common question from my clients asking me how I control food cravings.

We are all surrounded by food. Every occasion is celebrated with food. Name it a company meeting or a family get together. The foods that are served in such occasions are refined, fatty, and sugary food. We rarely find healthy food in such parties. People who are trying to eat healthy, and are required to attend such occasions are in serious fight between their mind and stomach. Stomach growls for food and mind tempts to eat junk food. Finally unconscious busy mind wins the game and ends the up in eating junk. A huge amount of junk!!!

People should not blame mind alone in this game, but the food also have a part in tempting the brain to eat the junk. There is lot of research going on, to find the effect of refined and sugary foods on food cravings and some studies proved that eating sugary and refined foods will hide satiety cues (they act on leptin and gherlin hormones in your stomach) and allows you eat more of sugary and refined food. That is the reason if you try a piece of French fries you tempt to have one more. There is famous add about potato chips quoting “No one can eat just one”. This is absolutely true with junk food. Food is having capacity to regulate and modify genes. Regular intake of junk food will modify genes and increase craving to junk food. Similarly regular intake of whole foods will help you set your biological rhythm.

Here are few tips to keep away from this mind game.

1. When you are planning to attend a party, plan your remaining meals ahead and try to make them as healthy as possible like eating a sprouts salad, nuts, seeds, whole grain foods.

2. Avoid appetizers and desserts if possible, or share them with a friend.
3. Try to eat salads in first place than going for appetizers.
4. Avoid foods that are filled with artificial colours. Food colours increase your body’s toxic burden.
5. Try to be mindful and conscious when you are eating out. Eating is a ritual, follow it sincerely.

“If you like a flower you pluck it, but if you love a flower you water it”- Buddha.

Do not just “like” your body, “love” your body,  and nurture it with good wholesome food. In turn it loves you with vibrant health. Keep daunting this in your mind when you tempt to eat junk.








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 Today(27/10/) is world obesity day. As a nutritionist I feel responsible to share my knowledge on how to prevent obesity and create awareness to people about obesity and its effect on health. The word obesity is not new to the world now. It has become an epidemic in developed countries. In developing countries it is spreading like a fire. What is obesity? Let us first know what obesity is.  Obesity is a metabolic disorder. A person who’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is more than 23 are considered as overweight and if it is more than 27 they are obese. BMI limit varies for Asians when compared to Caucasians as tendency of abdominal fat deposition is more for Asians. It is advised to check your weight regularly and calculate BMI. Take advice from a professional if you are required to lose weight. Effects of obesity: What are the effects if you are overweight or obese? When your weight increases, your body nutritional demand also increase. If you are unable to full fill the demands you are at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. There are studies which indicate most of the obese individuals are malnourished. Knee joints are weight bearing joints in our body and excess weight will burden the joints and lead to degeneration followed by arthritis issues. High deposition of fat around belly ( i;e if your waist to hip ratio is more than 0.8 ) leads to development of  type 2 diabetes and cardio vascular disorders. Obesity also leads to hypothyroid. Obesity is also one of the key reasons for poly cystic ovarian syndrome and irregular menstruation. All hormones are fat soluble hormones. If the total body fat is high, then hormones get deposited in your fat tissue and leads to deficiency or the other way, fat tissues release pseudo hormones leading to excess of hormones in blood. Obesity is not only dangerous for adults it is also a serious issue for kids. There are studies that show obese kids are more prone to autism, ADHD, type 2 diabetes, and hypothyroid. These are few complications with obesity. Let us focus on how to prevent obesity. Prevention of obesity: 1. Daily 30 min of physical activity is required to maintain weight. 2. 5 or more serving of fruits and vegetables is must to prevent obesity. 3. BMI should be checked regularly. 4. Avoid eating store bought foods .Encourage eating in home. 5. No refined sugar or artificial sugars in diet. 6. Avoid eating refined flours  like all purpose flour, enriched wheat flour, rice flour etc; 7. Check for the nutritional facts label whenever you are buying a food item. Do not buy foods that have artificial colours and flavouring agents. 8. Try to eat 7-8 mini meals in a day 9. Replace all refined grains with whole grains 10.  Take time to shop for organic produce if possible. 11.  Do not watch television or use gadgets while eating. Mindful eating  helps  you to know your hunger and satiety cues. 12. Include protein in your daily diet. Eating protein increases your muscle and a good muscle percentage of your weight improves your metabolism. 13.  Practice mindful eating use all your senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch) when you are feeding your body.  14. Try to keep your stress levels under control with meditation, or any other practices.  15. Last but not least aim to eat rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. The colors of fruits and vegetables have phyto nutrients which have anti oxidant properties to detoxify your body.  Unable to process the toxins out of the body is also one of the major reasons behind obesity.      
14 November 2015
You might be wondering how one can save money by eating healthy!!! A good lifestyle promotes health. If you are healthy you can cut down your medical expenses.  I want my audiences to envision the growing health care burden, what we can do to decrease the burden. I am presenting this article with few statistics to get a good picture of what it means to eat nutritious whole food. This is a small attempt to make people think about the big picture behind poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet.  There is an enormous increase in health care cost. Statistics from NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) shows  that, there is 6.6 % to 6.9%increase in health care expenditure in rural INDIA and 5.2% to 5.5% increase in health expenditure in urban INDIA from 2004-2005 to 2011-2012. This means both rural and urban populations are equally spending money for attaining good health. People are requiring more hospitals apart from allotted government hospitals due to increase in waiting time and lack of facilities. Why are people getting frequently sick and visiting hospitals? This is because lack of proper hygiene and lack of health awareness among public.  Below study by NSSO, explains us the increase in average hospitalization costs in both urban and rural INDIA (By NSSO first half of 2014).   Health expenditure is increasing; it is being unaffordable for public to get proper medical care. There is definitely a need to improve the infrastructure of government hospitals and make it affordable to general public. But it is equally important to increase health awareness programs to public and educate them to maintain good health conditions. Studies indicate that , in a low income family with a person with diabetes spends 25% of family income on diabetes Medicare. NSSO survey showed that Number of deaths due to chronic diseases is more when compared to communicable diseases.  There is a need to serious call for action to educate the public about chronic diseases and how to prevent them.  Chronic diseases like Coronary Artery Disease(CAD), Ischemic stroke, Some specific cancers, diabetes, hypothyroid, obesity,  are all preventable.1.The following table indictes that lhealthy lifestyle changes and healthy diet help to prevent chornic diseases. Dietary and lifestyle factors CVD Type 2 diabetes Cancer Dental disease Fracture Cataract Birth defects Obesity Metabolic syndrome Depression Sexual dysfunction Avoid smoking ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓   ↑     ↓ Pursue physical activity ↓ ↓ ↓   ↓     ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Avoid overweight ↓ ↓ ↓   ↑ ↓     ↓   ↓ Diet Consume healthy types of fatsa ↓ ↓             ↓     Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ↓   ↓   ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓       Replace refined grains with whole grains ↓ ↓           ↓ ↓     Limit sugar intakeb ↓ ↓   ↓       ↓ ↓     Limit excessive calories               ↓ ↓     Limit sodium intake ↓                     So promote eating whole grains and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, encourage physical activity to stay fit, avoid eating high sugary, fatty, and junk food.  A small change towards healthy eating and lifestyle will bring a big change in your medical bills.  Spend wise when it comes to health.   References: 1.Walter C. Willett, Jeffrey P. Koplan, Rachel Nugent, Courtenay Dusenbury, Pekka Puska, and Thomas A. Gaziano; Prevention of Chronic Disease by Means of Diet and Lifestyle Change;Chapter 44,  Disease control Priorities in Developing countries;  
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