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  • Weight Loss Program for Men & Women

    This program is intended to reduce your body weight by following scientifically proven diets. It is completely food based diet, No meal replacement drinks or weight loss pills are provided.

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  • Diet for Hypothyroid

    You can avail online consultation for this service. Register and begin now. ...

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  • Weight Loss Diet for Children

    Child hood obesity is one of the major threats of the world. A obese child does not mean he is well nourished, he might be malnourished. I take a keen interest on these kids and make sure they redu...

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  • Diabetes Management Program

    As this is a chronic issue. I designed this service to help  client learn skills to maintain his/her blood sugar levels. I educate my client to understand about diabetic exchange chart,&n...

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  • Healthy Heart Diet

    I provide heart helathy diet that keeps your cholesterol levels under check. I help you to deal with problems like hypertension, atherosclerosis, palpitation etc. ...

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